Over the past few months, our digital marketing team has been hard at work to
make improvements on our social media accounts. Our main focus for creating
better social media has been increasing our engagement.


Who We Are:

For those of you who aren't familiar with who we are and what we do, here’s a
bit about us. RepHike is a startup company located in Buffalo, NY that began
about a year ago. We work to help connect brands with micro-influencers that are
right for their needs. We define a micro-influencer as someone with anywhere
from 2,000 to 25,000 followers. Micro-influencers, ideally, are people who
already know and love the brand and they work to help promote the products via
social media platforms. With the increasing usage rates of Instagram,
micro-influencer marketing is really taking off. This new marketing tactic is a
great way for companies to connect with their customers and authentically
promote their products.

Why engagement is so important:

Engagement can come in many different forms. It can be followers liking or
commenting on your post or it could be followers sharing your post to their own
feed. It could even be gaining new followers or having old followers interact
with you via direct message. Whatever it is, it’s all equally important.
Engagement is such a crucial measure to consider because it really tells you how
you’re doing with your social channels. Since we are an social media driven
company, engagement is something we take very seriously. We want our followers
to feel connected to our company and everything that we do in and out of the
office. Engagement shows you how your followers are responding to the content
you are putting out for them. For example, if we post an Insta Story and it only
gets 60 views, but we have over 300 followers, we know that this is a post that
didn’t do too well for us. Engagement shows you the best times to post and the
content that your followers will respond the best to. We’ve learned that it’s
really beneficial to take risks when dealing with engagement. You must be
willing to try new things to find out what works best for you. Here at RepHike,
we’ve been working hard to up our engagement, and it’s slowly but surely paying
off for us.

How we’ve done it:

When we first set out to really step up our engagement, we had to brainstorm
some ideas. What we were doing before simply wasn’t working, and if we wanted to
grow, we needed to think outside the box. So first, we started to really work on
our content. We made goals of how much content we should be pumping out, and
tracked our progress with a calendar. We needed to keep ourselves accountable,
to make sure we were producing enough content to keep our followers engaged. It
was important to us that we kept our content fresh and authentic.

“Meet the Team”:

We also wanted to show our following who we are. Our weekly “meet the team”
posts were created as a way to do that. Each week we try to put out one post
that consists of a photo of someone on our team, as well as a few fun facts
about them. We do this because we want our followers to see who we are and feel
connected to us. It’s important to us to have our following know who the faces
behind our company are, and how we’re not just a bunch of robots sitting behind
a screen.


Next we thought of ways we could better interact with our following. We started
doing polls in our Instagram stories every week. We came up with the idea of
“this or that Thursday”. This consists of instagram stories posted every
Thursday with polls that allow you to choose “this or that”. For example, one
poll might be “chocolate or vanilla”. This is a great way for followers to be
able to interact with us. It showed our following we were fun and we wanted to
talk to them and hear what they had to say.


All of these things did increase our engagement, boost our following, and
overall improve our social channels. However, the single most successful thing,
was doing product giveaways. We started it as a way to give back our followers,
giving them products we really loved ourselves. It better connected us to our
audience, and circled back the whole meaning of our brand. We promote products
we genuinely love, and back ourselves. Recommendations from a friend can get you
further than you think.

Successes we’ve seen so far:
Our mission to boost our engagement, and
better interact with our following began about a month ago. In that time alone,
we have nearly doubled our initial following. It can be difficult to grow an
account that isn’t a personal one, or isn't product focused, but through trial
and error, we have made a lot of headway. Our growth over the past month has
inspired us to keep pushing forward and to keep growing and keep engaging. We
are so thankful for the support we have received thus far, and hopefully it will
only be up from here.