One of the major benefits to micro-influencer marketing is that advertisements they are sharing come across as more of a recommendation. Product placement can be tricky, but some manage to pull it off in the most authentic way possible. When you look at their post, it doesn’t scream #ad.

Lately, we’ve been scrolling through our Instagram feeds and have come across some amazing ads that truly show how effective good product placement can be, so, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites.

1. @craftbeerdeer

Creator: @craftbeerdeer
Industry: Alcohol
Brand: @brouwerijwest

We've been fan-girling over CBD's content for a while. Her craft beer focused Instagram account includes loveable photos of her dog, along with creative shots acting out clever craft beer names. The owner of the account, Julie, manages to share her favorite recommendations with her loyal following without coming off too strong.

2. @fashionveggie

Creator: @fashionveggie
Industry: Family Products
Brand: @myjoolz

Molly is a vegan fashion blogger, but her blog and Instagram focus on much more than fashion. She posts fashion, beauty, lifestyle products, as well as photos of her family life. We love her Insta feed because it shows her real life. We get to see photos of her and her family, it that makes all her posts feel so real. We like this ad a lot because of how casual it is. It truly shows Molly living her day to day life in a product that she really does love. Also, it’s not easy to advertise a stroller, especially on Instagram, and she did a great job!

3. @daialarie

Creator: @daialarie
Industry: Swimwear
Brand: @blackboughswimwear

Daia is a blogger that highlights fashion and travel -- mostly to beaches around the world. It feels so natural then for a traveler that loves a good beach to promote a swimwear brand. We love this post because it feels so relatable, all sandy and relaxed. What an actual day at the beach feels like.

These are the best kind of posts that actually make consumers think, this could be me in this swimsuit.

4. @dimaschine

Creator: @dimaschine
Industry: Menswear
Brand: @calamar_fashion

Dima is a fashion blogger and content creator based out of Germany. He’s an engineer by trade, but regularly posts shots his Instagram is filled with shots of him living out his best life all over the world. He regularly shows off his outfits in his feed, so this menswear sponsored post looks completely normal and inspirational.

5. @morethanimelda

Creator: @morethanimelda
Industry: Jewelry
Brand: @tayzanijewelry

Jenny is a Kansas city based lifestyle blogger/ Instagrammer. While her follower count is smaller, her highly engaged followers regularly participate and converse with her about her outfits. We especially like this ad because of how subtlety she shows off the product she is promoting.Talk about effective product placement, right?!

6. @bodybynoelle

Creator: @bodybynoelle
Industry: Fitness
Brand: @gogainful

Noelle is a personal trainer who also dabbles in online coaching - so her personal brand is on point with Gainful. But what we really love most about this is her excited & yet authentic video sharing her experience trying Gainful, and then her commitment to do a follow-on post after the results kick in.

7. @jacksonreding

Creator: @jacksonreding
Category: Travel
Brand: @skyhour

While Jackson is currently in film school, it's evident from his adventurous feed that he loves to travel. From the west coast, into Canada, and Hawaii, he shoots beautifully landscapes and moments of his adventures. A collaboration with Skyhour, a travel gifting app, feels so natural with his content and audience.


Category:  Health & Wellness
Brand: @hims

Brett is an up and coming travel/lifestyle YouTuber living in New York City. His content includes stunning shots all around the city, pictures with friends, and whatever trouble he’s getting into next. This advertisement works for Brett due to his comedic nature of his Instagram. He confidently made advertising a product geared toward men with ED work!

9. @emmahenzes

Creator: @emmahenzes
Category:  Food & Beverage
Brand: @countrysweetsauce

Emma is a college student at Syracuse that documents daily university life and her favorite meals. We love this post because you can see how engaged and interested her followers are by the product, proving that sometimes less is more!

10. @nanogenix

Creator: @nanogenix
Category:  Gaming
Brand: @bandainamcous

Tyler, aka @nanogenix, is probably more well-known for his YouTube & Twitch gaming videos. But we really like this ad because he cross-promoted FighterZ across his social channels. The best kind of collaborators are those that are passionate about your products, that want to see you succeed because they love the product. And in doing so they share your product authentically with their loyal followers across channels, without asking for extra money.