One of the best ways to keep your brand fresh when it comes to digital marketing
is by attending different marketing conferences. With the thousands of different
marketing events happening each year, it can be difficult to navigate where to
start when deciding which event is best for you. So we did the research for you.
Here’s our roundup of the 10 best digital, social, and influencer marketing
conferences happening in 2018-2019 organized by date.

1. Digital Latest: An essential summit for marketing executives

When: August 6-9, 2018

Where: New York, NY


Why you should attend: For starters, it’s in New York. But what really caught
our attention was the speakers. There’s no better way to learn about marketing
than from people who do it best, right? Speakers come from companies like
Google, Giphy, BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Spotify, MailChimp and Twitter. Aside from
that, the content that is being discussed will cover more than 20 different
marketing related topics. And we love when conferences engage with local food &
bev brands!

For more info or to register follow this link:

2. INBOUND 2018
When: September 4-7, 2018

Where: Boston, MA

Cost: $499-$1999

Why you should attend: INBOUND focuses more on the human side of business (and
you know we’re all about those genuine relationships). In previous years,
INBOUND has has up to 21,000 attendees. The Hubspot conference is well-known for
being a fun way to learn, get inspired, and build connections. The event
consists of speakers and breakout sessions and, as a bonus, many well-known
companies have previously attended. It usually also includes celebs, execs from
fortune 100s, and this year they have Shonda Rhimes, Tarana Burke, Scott
Harrison, Tobi Lutke, and more.

Fore more info or to register follow this link:

3. Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit

When: September 5-6, 2018

Where: Shanghai

Cost: $600-$1495

Why you should attend: Alibaba, Luxottica, Mobike - this definitely looks like a
must-go conference in Asia. Topics that will be included during the event are:
mobile and content marketing, social media and influencer marketing, data driven
marketing, and MarTech. If traveling to Shanghai in a month doesn’t seem
feasible, the team behind this conference organizes a ton of other
conferences...including a content marketing summit in NYC this December!

For more info or to register (limited tickets available) follow this link:

4. MeltWater Summit

When: September 13, 2018

Where: San Francisco, California

Cost: FREE

Why you should attend: Um hello, it’s free! We love this conference because it’s
an easy 1-day escape from the office. Some of the other events that we have
linked in here have been a bit pricey so it’s refreshing to see an event of
equally good quality offered for free. Meltwater Social Summit has speakers from
Mailchimp, Marriott, and Edelman. This event has so much to offer in just one
day so definitely make the most of it. Oh and if you still need to convince your
boss, the website even offers a fully written out document that you can just
sign and send right on over to your boss.

For more info or to register follow this link:

5. Social Media Day Dayton

When: September 27, 2018

Where: Dayton, Ohio

Cost: $99

Why you should attend: Since the first time around went so well for the Social
Media Day Dayton event, they have decided to host another! This is another
one-day long event and this event is also relatively cheap with tickets being
offered at just $99. With registration to this event, you also get access to
breakfast, all speaker sessions, lunch, door prizes, dinner, AND an after party.
Another huge plus of this event is that a portion of the ticket sales will go to
The Sightless Children’s Club located in Vandalia, Ohio. This event is focused
mostly on social media and influencer marketing, so if that’s your area of
expertise you may want to check this one out.

For more information or to register follow this link:


Follow this hashtag: #SMDDayton

6. Influencer Marketing Show 2018

When: October 15-16, 2018

Where: London

Cost: £300-£550

Why you should attend: This two-day conference is a great way for your company
to network and help increase your marketing knowledge on a global level.
Demographics of the attendees of previous years have included: advertising
firms, publishing firms, influencers, agencies, and tech providers. Influencer
Marketing Show consists of different keynote speakers and marketing sessions, as
well as a chance to meet and speak with a bunch of different influencers.

For more info or to register follow this link:

7. #DMWF Conference and Expo

When: November 7-8, 2018

Where: New York, NY

Cost: $79-$229

Why you should attend:This expo focuses on digital marketing, content marketing,
brand recognition, as well as many other topics. This expo seems to cover a
little bit of everything which is why we love it. 2018 speakers include team
members from: Subway, Gerber, Dell, CNN, National Geographic, Swell, & GrubHub.
Plus the event is highlighting the power of micro-influencers & engagement.

For more info or to register (save 30%) follow this link:

8. Social Media Week Toronto:

When: November 12-16, 2018

Where: Toronto, Canada

Why you should attend: SMW has long been on our list of go-to conferences. Their
next event will be hosted in Toronto. This event is a longer more drawn out
event, but it proves to be worth your time. This event focuses mostly on social
media marketing and paid social. Definitely a must-attend for any Social Media

For more info or to register follow this link:

9. Social Fresh

When: December 5-7, 2018

Where: Winter Park, Fl

Cost: $1047

Why you should attend: Social Fresh has been hosting social media marketing
conferences since 2008. So they know their stuff. We like this event because
they know how to bring together a diverse group of social media marketers to
share best practices. From hospitality to higher ed, non-profits to beauty, and
finance to tech. They have got it covered.

For more info or to register ($300 off until August 10th!) follow this link:

10. The Social Shake Up:

When: May 6-8, 2019

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Cost: $1290-$2195

Why you should attend: OK it’s a long way off. But their past attendees include
Starbucks, Twitter, Google, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, Yelp, Delta Airlines,
and Microsoft. The event promises to provide “speakers who will share an example
of out-of-the-ordinary social media successes” and they promise that they will
respect your time so, “no duds on stage”. We love how real they are.

For more info or to register (at an early bird rate) follow this link: