Earlier this month the CDC issued a press release that warned people to stop vaping. The CDC has dispatched over 100 doctors and investigators to examine what has made over 800 people sick and killed over a dozen. The FDA and DEA opened a criminal probe while Congress began conducting their own probes into the industry.

So where does that leave companies with a vape product line?

Our short answer is to address your consumers!

Step 1. Be proactive. You should be getting out in front and letting your customers know that you value their wellbeing first. Draft a press release, email your customers, and post on your social accounts. Do your research and share your results. Become the authority and source of information. Within your brand-led information, be transparent. By educating and ensuring your customers that they are not consuming harmful ingredients & chemicals at such a high percentage that will do long-term damage to their lungs, you’re instilling trust with your community based on your good business practices.

Step 2. Listen and engage. Ask your customers to share their thoughts and fears and address each and every one of them. It’s important to build a community of trust while building your brand as a reliable product.

Step 3. Create quality and respectful content. In creating content and working with influencers, extra attention should be in place to ensure you’re selecting the right partners for campaigns that are producing the best content. Health officials, lawmakers, and parents have criticized companies that are using young models, bright colors, and of course fruity flavors for attracting young people to vaping. And of course, extra proactive measures should be taken to ensure your content isn’t being delivered to underage individuals.

Step 4. Be sincere and grateful for customer loyalty. Thank your consumers for being part of your brands' journey.

Step 5. Practice Patience. It might take some time to get to the bottom of the CDC’s findings, so, for now, the key is to communicate with your consumers with honesty and be mindful of the content you’re delivering.