Balloons? Check. Streamers? Check. Glitter cannon? Check. Here lies the
checklist for the perfect Instagram #ad, right? Wrong.


You’re scrolling down your Instagram feed, and boom- you see the newest #ad from
your favorite Instagram influencer. It sticks out like a sore thumb- unnatural
and posed. You can almost see all of the prepwork done in order to get that
perfect photo.

Instagram has come a long way since its founding and the platform has turned
into something much different. The days of people posting silly, overly
filtered, blurry Instagram pictures are over. Now it’s only the best of the best
making it to Instagram. People went from less than perfect old iPhone quality
photos to commonly using a professional camera. While many people make a living
off of their Instagram feed, some may argue this has all gone too far.

What is an Insta Extreme?

So what exactly can be considered an Insta Extreme? We define it as anytime an
Instagrammer posts a visibly over productionalized photo. Everyone can agree
that the best content should feel natural and relatable. Overly planned posts
might look good but it’s not REAL. A major benefit of influencer marketing is
that the promotional content comes across as more of a genuine recommendation
rather than an advertisement, at least that’s what it used to be. The constant
pressure for these influencer’s to step their game up has resulted in their
promotional content looking just like a commercial. Who wants to see an
Instagram feed constantly filled with commercials? No one.

Our Experience with Insta Extremes:

We say it gently, and with love, but it’s easy to point fingers at the
influencers who do this all the time. Their feed will be a picture from their
vacay here, a picture of their carefully curated meal here, even a really cute
picture of their dog there, and then boom- you see it. There it is, a totally
unnatural, obviously posed photo that just screams advertisement. It might look
great! It might have the perfect lighting, the perfect product display, the
perfect everything. But it lacks depth.

We love working with our micro-influencers because we find more often than not
that their lack of props, editing, and extra-ness in general comes across as
more authentic to their following. Their following can take their word on a
product recommendation because it just doesn’t scream commercial the way other
posts can tend to. These micro-influencer posts look more home made in a good
way- and less likely that they had an entire production team behind the photo.

The ever changing trends of Instagram can make it difficult for influencers and
brands to keep up. What was popular a few years ago, would never be popular on
Instagram today. And what's popular now probably won’t slide in another few
years. Only time will tell, but we can assure you that no one likes commercials
now, and we never see that changing.